What do preschoolers need to know?
How will I know which activities are best for my child?
What are some easy, go-to activities to use during home preschool?
How in the world will I fit preschool into our busy life?

These are just a few of the questions you'll find answers to in the Guide to Getting Started with Home Preschool

A Quick Glance

The Guide includes:

* 5 units with 20 lessons of practical, mom-tested tips for preparing for home preschool.

* Printable planning sheets to guide you step-by-step through the easy-to-follow action plan that will save you hours of preparation time

* Three week's worth of low-prep lesson plans that you can use as is or tailor to your needs

* Ongoing support 

By the Numbers 

* Pages of valuable tips: 70+
* Printable templates to use right away: 30+
*Hours of time saved planning and researching:
Too many to count!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the Guide to Getting Started with Home Preschool for?

While anyone teaching preschool at home may benefit from the information and resources provided in the course, it will be most beneficial for:

* parents who are considering home preschool but haven't started yet
* parents who've started home preschool but can't quite seem to find a routine that works

2. Is this a preschool curriculum?

No, this is not a full preschool curriculum. While The Guide does include three weeks of prepared lesson plans that you can use to get started, The Guide itself includes much more.  As home preschool parents we are all unique and have different approaches to teaching and the activities we like to plan for our children. The Guide honors that by covering the most essential topics you need to consider when planning for home preschool. 

This training is designed to help you create a schedule and home preschool routine that works with your family life and your personal beliefs. There are a lot of resources to help you make those decisions, but ultimately this will be your unique plan.  

Guidance will be given so that you know developmentally appropriate activities that will be best for your child's learning style. We'll also show you how to develop your own lesson plans that fit your preferences and routine. And you will finish the course with your first few weeks of lesson plans completed so you are prepared to get started right away. 

You can download a free version of the Getting Started with Home Preschool Action Plan here. It includes many of the steps we'll be taking as we work through the online course.

3. What topics are covered in The Guide to Getting Started with Home Preschool?

  • How to identify your teaching style and a child's learning style, and the role these two factors play in developing a home preschool routine that will work for you
  • Saving time by making the most of the activities you already enjoy doing together as a family
  • Finding time in your day for home preschool, including a step-by-step guide to mapping out a weekly calendar that works for you
  • Creating a home preschool routine that you and your kids love, including information about what to include in a home preschool routine and sample routines
  • Selecting a printable lesson plan format that meets your needs, with multiple options for you to choose from
  • Understanding the primary goals of preschool education with specific information about literacy, math, science, and other skills areas.  
  • Choosing meaningful, playful home preschool activities that don’t require a lot of preparation, along with over 125 low-prep activity ideas for the most common preschool learning goals
  • Tips and things to consider when setting up your home preschool learning space
  • Where to get materials for home preschool, including free resources and ideas for making the most of what you have
  • Way to organize your home preschool materials
  • A step-by-step plan that shows you how to save planning time if you choose to create your own lesson plans for home preschool 
  • Lesson planning ideas and completed lesson plan templates for three weeks of home preschool that you can either print and use as is or adapt for your own personal preferences
  • and more!

4. Can I purchase The Guide if I am outside of the US?

You can buy the ebook wherever you are in the world. You pay via PayPal, which will take care of any currency conversion for you. 

This is a PDF digital product.  The Guide to Getting Started with Home Preschool is an ebook, which means you will be sent a link that allows you to download a file that contains PDF versions of the ebook and all the resources.

You can save it to your computer or iPad* and then either read it on screen or print some/all of the pages, as you prefer.

*You can buy the ebook now, on any device, and then download it when you are ready. Depending on the apps you have installed and your operating system, you might be able to download the ebook on your mobile device. However if you have any doubts or problems, I recommend you use a computer to download the book and then share it to your mobile devices. You will be sent download instructions when your purchase the ebook.